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Windows Phone update status update

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Yesterday Microsoft released the NoDo update for its Windows Phone platform. NoDo brings with it the very essential copy & paste function that wasn’t included in the initial release of Windows Phone 7.

We can imagine that many Windows Phone 7 users are eagerly awaiting for the NoDo update to be available, and for you Microsoft has a page on its website to tell you what is the delivery status of any new update that it releases outside of the U.S.

Windows Phone devices in Malaysia falls under the global open market category and Microsoft says that the NoDo update is currently being delivered but because updates are typically delivered to users in batches, it might take several weeks before you receive notice that an update is available for you.

So if you haven’t gotten any update notification on your Window Phone device, hang in there. The update is coming, it just takes a few weeks.

To check the full Windows Phone global update roll out schedule click here. for For full information on Windows Phone updates click here.