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Xobni comes to Android in alpha guise

Xobni, one of the best email plug-ins ever will soon be available for Android users. Those who’ve used Xobni will know that how the plug-in instantly makes contacts, emails and attachments so much easier to find amongst the thousands of work emails that one would typically get as well as efficiently organise your multitude of contacts and linking it to related social media networks and more.

Up until recently, Xobni in addition to being an Outlook plug-in Xobni is only available for BlackBerry users but that will soon change as the makers of Xobni has opened up registration of interest for an Android users to try out the alpha version of Xobni for Android.

For Android users who are interested in trying out the alpha version, click here to register your interest. iPhone users don’t fret as Xobni has indicated that its app of the iOS will be available soon.

For the uninitiated, head on over to after the jump for a brief intro video of Xobni.