Singapore launches the Nexus S, same price as Incredible S

Reader benjamin pointed out that the Nexus S was launched in Singapore on the same day as Malaysia and if anything the Singapore launch of the Nexus S proves that Malaysians are paying far too much for the Google phone.

As we’ve mentioned earlier the Malaysian pricing for the Nexus S is perplexing considering the roughly similarly spec-ed HTC Incredible S which was also launched on the same day is priced RM500 cheaper at RM1,999 without contract.

Now with the Nexus S available in Singapore we have a pricing reference that’s closer to home which further strengthens our argument that the Malaysian Nexus S is expensive.

The Nexus S retails for SG$828 outright with GST (+7%). At today’s exchange rates that equates to about RM1,990 — the same price as the HTC Incredible S. If you take into account that tourist get the GST refunded back to them when the leave the country then you realise that the Nexus S is even cheaper. Typically, gadgets in Singapore are slightly cheaper, to the tune of RM200 to RM300 cheaper on average, this means that whichever way you look at it someone, somewhere is trying to capitalise on the Nexus S being a Google phone.

Here’s the thing, Android has always been about the mass adoption of smart phones. If it is possible to price a Google phone competitively we’re sure that the Google way would have made it certain that the device will be priced competitively.

At RM2,499 the Nexus S — no matter how good or how pure of a Google experience it brings — is way too much money for our liking.