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Junkyard Jumbtron: Turn multiple screens into one big one

Here’s an app that allows you to virtually join together multiple screens of any kind on any device running any OS and make those screens sync to display one single large image. It’s called Junkyard Jumbotron

Created by Rick Borovoy at MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media, Junkyard Jumbotron is a super cool tool as it requires no software installation and you can make a large display almost instantly anywhere. All you need is a web browser.

To setup the Junkyard Jumbotron, you arrange the screens as desired and then display a web-page with a QR code on each of them; snap a picture and send it back to the server and the server takes any image you feed it and splits it across the screens.

Hit the jump for a video demo of how Junkyard Jumbotron works. It’s just awesome!