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iPad 2 case made from real carbon fibre

Carbon fibre is to guys like diamond is to girls, it is just so freaking sexy. The space-age material has the power to turn mundane everyday objects into super-cool geek-lust gadgets, and ladies and gentlemen, it doesn’t get any better than this.

This is a iPad 2 case made out of real carbon freakin’ fibre! What else is there to say?

Well there’s a few things. Although the XGear 360 Shield iPad 2 case is made out of real carbon fibre it doesn’t look like there’s much padding inside to cushion the iPad 2 from any drops or hard impacts.

All the ports and buttons of the iPad 2 are still accessible with the case attached and the 360 swiveling side hinge gives you quick access to the iPad’s screen. The hinge also allows you to prop the iPad 2 up for easy typing and movie watching.

Other than that, it’s just a pretty looking case with not much protection built in but, oh man, is it cool!

Two more pictures of the XGear 360 Shield await you after the jump

The XGear case can be yours for $100 or about RM304 at today’s rates. Click the source link for more details.

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