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Apple Store Malaysia to refund price difference for iPads

Apple Store Malaysia has confirmed that they are making refunds to those who purchased their original iPads online recently. We called their hotline to verify and they mentioned that they will pay back the price difference with the new slashed pricing. Last we checked, the difference for the iPad Wifi version is RM350 while the iPad 3G version is RM400.

To qualify, your purchase must not be made more than 14 days before the iPad 2 announcement on March 3rd (Malaysian time).  If you’re one of the online shoppers that bought recently, you can call 1800-80-6419 for more info.

For those who purchased on ground at the retail outlets, you are advised to check with them at the stores. To check out the current price, head to Apple Store Malaysia iPad page.

Thanks to @sy737ty for the heads up!

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