Apple Store Malaysia to refund price difference for iPads

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Apple Store Malaysia has confirmed that they are making refunds to those who purchased their original iPads online recently. We called their hotline to verify and they mentioned that they will pay back the price difference with the new slashed pricing. Last we checked, the difference for the iPad Wifi version is RM350 while the iPad 3G version is RM400.

To qualify, your purchase must not be made more than 14 days before the iPad 2 announcement on March 3rd (Malaysian time).  If you’re one of the online shoppers that bought recently, you can call 1800-80-6419 for more info.

For those who purchased on ground at the retail outlets, you are advised to check with them at the stores. To check out the current price, head to Apple Store Malaysia iPad page.

Thanks to @sy737ty for the heads up!

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9 Comments for Apple Store Malaysia to refund price difference for iPads

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bought mine at macstudio 2 weeks ago, called them no refund, they claim it is only for US.
what a ripoff, any confirmation you got from apple.


bgt mine from machines on 2 mar. No rebates on price difference as price protection only for online sales. why bother to go to resellers next time??


    With physical retail stores you get your purchase on the spot. With online you'll have to wait a couple of days. Some people can't wait we presume

No refund

Called up Apple hotline yesterday and was told that I have to check with the reseller on the refund. With this incident, seems like Apple is trying to tell us to go experience their products at their so called "Premium Reseller" and purchased through the Apple Store so that buyer are protected under their Price Policy. Major retailer in China is providing the refund from their own pocket. We in Malaysia is not so lucky.


    When it comes to these things, Malaysian consumers always get the short end of the stick. Local resellers need to be more proactive and stop hiding behind thin margins and high overheads. These people are making very good money out of us, they should give some back, it's only fair.

    Guess the lesson here is to buy online from Apple direct. That way you know you're fully protected.

      No refund

      Most Malaysians don't trust online purchase. When Apple started doing business in Malaysia, they should know this first. Instead, they let reseller do the retail and they tell you that Apple price policy does not cover retail purchase. At least what they can do is to bundle some accessories or give voucher towards next purchase on stock clearing items instead of slashing the price. I do not know why Apple is so secretive in their product launch. This caused first time buyer like me to be really angry and turn away from purchasing Apple future products.

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