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Apple to refund $100 for original iPad purchase

UPDATE: Apple Store to refund recent online purchase of iPads in Malaysia.

Those who bought the original iPad just couple of days before the announcement of the iPad 2 must have feeling really miserable over the drop of prices. Over here in Malaysia, prices were slashed as much as RM400 for the 3G unit. In the US, Apple acknowledges such frustration and they are giving back US$100 refund for those who purchase 2 weeks before the iPad 2 was announced, which means purchases after 16th February.

It is reported that affected US buyers will see US$100 refunded back to their credit card while overseas customers will get £100 or €100 back as well. No ideas about the rest of us here in Malaysia but you might want to call the Apple Store at 1800-80-6419 to find out. Who knows they will also refund back RM350 or RM400 too.

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