Maxis revised Broadband plans, introduces new prepaid starter kit

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This has been quite an interesting week for wireless broadband as we’ve seen new amendment of plans and offerings coming from DiGi Prepaid Internet, U Mobile and also Yes. Now Maxis too is doing some shake up of their plans as well.

Compared with our previous round of broadband cost comparison, we noticed that Maxis has made a major change for its 1.5GB plan which was previously offering similar uncapped speeds up to 7.2Mbps for only RM48/month. Now its 1.5GB plan is offered with 2 options of LITE and SWIFT.

For the LITE Plan, you’ll still get 1.5GB for the price of RM48/month however the speed is now capped at a measly 512kbps. If you need faster speeds, there’s the SWIFT Plan that offers the same 1.5GB but with download speeds of 1.0Mbps. So in a nutshell, Maxis has made its 1.5GB broadband plan slower and more expensive than before. If you’re an existing Maxis Postpaid customer of 12 months without a broadband plan, the special offer of 3GB Broadband at RM48 would be a better choice.

That’s not all, Maxis is also prominently showing its Quota Upgrade for its broadband users that exceed their monthly quota limit. Maxis now has reduced its speed down to an excruciating dial up speed of 32kbps after you exceeding your data quota. If you wish to get out of such throttle speed, you’ve an option of RM8 for 500MB/day, RM25 for 2GB/week and RM58 for 1.5GB for 30 days. You can upgrade your quota at mylaunchpad.

For more information, head to Maxis Broadband postpaid options here.

Maxis Prepaid Broadband

For those who wish to get connected without commitments, there’s the Maxis Prepaid Broadband Starter Kit at RM99 that gives you 1.5GB of data for 30 days. The starter kit also comes with a free Huawei modem too.

For additional top ups, the offer is similar to its prepaid broadband offering than before but we notice there’s a new 30 days validity option at RM58 with 1.5GB quota. For more information on its Prepaid Broadband, click here.

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8 Comments for Maxis revised Broadband plans, introduces new prepaid starter kit


What can I say is Maxis is ripping customer's pockets…


How to activate Maxis broadband prepaid for galaxy tab 10.1


    press 122 then call.Select the language and you are activAted.

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i choose celcom tricky plan
adv plan rm 88 = 5gb
my basic plan rm 38 = 1gb + rm 50/5gb topup = 6gb for rm 88

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All salesmen keep on telling me n boastful about their top Speed…

These are my questions to them…
What is the minimum speed it can achieve in a consistent manner?
What is the minimum speed that it can achieve when your data limit was due?

See, when you had paid that…. most lousy areas in Malaysia will kept you in that minimum speed bracket…

That was really true when you travel a lot around Malaysia…