Yes reveals valuepacks with bulk data, free calls and SMS

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Update: We’ve gotten additional information on the valuepack and added some of our thoughts on the new offering. All this after the jump.

Yes has finally revealed its valuepacks which existence we discovered earlier this week. There are two packs on offer, RM68 and RM150 which comes with preloaded data quota, free calls and SMS that comes with a validity of 30 days.

More details of the bulk plans after the break.

For the RM68 package, it comes with 3.5GB of data, 150 minutes of calls and 150 SMS. Based on the PAYU rate, that’s about RM109 in value (RM82+RM13.50+RM13.50). A total savings of RM41 or 37% from the usual PAYU rate. Even if you don’t use calls or SMS, this translates to RM19.40 per GB which is still cheaper than what you get from Yes after the 4GB usage (RM21/GB).

If that’s not enough, the RM150 package comes with 10GB of data, 250 minutes of calls and 250 of SMS. For such bundle, it would normally cost RM255 (RM210+RM22.50+RM22.50) and this is a savings of 41%. Without factoring calls and SMS, this bundle is effectively RM15 per GB, narrowing the gap with bulk data plans from 3G players.

As comparison with other broadband plans, do check it out here. We will update the comparison shortly to reflect on the new valuepack offers.

Update: We’ve gotten additional information on the valuepacks. Yes says that the data, free talk time and SMS offered in the valuepacks don’t expire. What this means is that any unused data, talk time and SMS can be carried forward to the next month and the month after that. This is great for the consumer because the unused amount that they’ve already paid for don’t just evaporate at the end of the month.

Other telcos offering plans with data or bundled talk time and SMS don’t allow any unused amount to be carried forward. Meaning if you purchase a mobile broadband plan with 3GB data quota a month and you use only 1GB, the remaining 2GB is forfeited at the end of the month. So essentially you pay for 3GB but you use only 1GB.

Carrying forward unused talk time and such was something that the mobile operators offered a long time ago but they realised that they could make more money by making you pay for more than you actually use. Funny how we accepted this as a norm. Yes bringing back this carry-forward concept is something we like we much.

Being able to carry forward unused services is awesome but there is a catch. You need to make sure that you continue your valuepack subscription to be able to use the unused services. For example if you’ve accumulated 1000 minutes of free talk time from the valuepacks and you decide to discontinue your valuepack subscription, you lose all 1000 minutes of talk time. Bummer.

As for the talk time and SMS themselves, its free across all networks. Being Yes users since launch, we don’t doubt the performance of the service and the value proposition is certainly attractive for our mobile communication needs. Having mobile broadband, mobile calls and SMS all in one account without paying for separate subscription fees for separate service does yield appreciable savings from our experience.

The flexibility to use multiple devices with just one username and password as opposed to having to swap SIM cards all the time is also something we’ve become accustomed too. We frequently switch between using the Yes Go and Yes Huddle seamlessly using one ID as and when the situation requires. It’s a great feature but there are still barriers stopping us from becoming full Yes converts.

Currently there’s no MNP with Yes. If you make the switch you can’t bring your number along. Our mobile numbers are like our names, essentially, and switching or getting a new number is an inconvenience to anyone. If there was an option for us to keep our number as we make the switch to Yes, then making the jump is something we would really consider.

But even then switching to Yes now would mean we forgo the option to use 3G mobile phones. Because Yes don’t use SIM cards if we terminate our 3G plans we won’t be able to make calls from our 3G mobile phones. Currently the only mobile phone that works on the Yes network is the Buzz, and for all its intents and purposes, the Buzz is just too basic for our user habits.

Yes did mention that they are working on an Android powered 4G smart phone and while that is fine and dandy, we would like the option to use other smart phones on the Yes network as well, and we don’t foresee companies like Apple and BlackBerry adopting 4G soon.

So until that happens the Yes service will remain as our mobile broadband service of choice and only that. The valuepack does offers genuine value to the consumer but to fully maximise the value of the valuepack — as in, make the most out of the free calls and SMS — you’ll need to get a Yes Buzz and to us that is not ideal.

Having said that, Yes is not doing too shabby for a brand that’s only just over three months old. At the launch of the valuepacks and the Zoom and Buzz today, Yes revealed that they’ve acquired over 100,000 subscribers, an amazing feat for any telco in such a short time span.

We can’t help but feel that this number could be more if we were able to make the switch to Yes completely. By completely we mean being able to drop our 3G subscriptions for mobile calls and SMS and have everything in one account with Yes.

Well you know what they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and if Yes continues with this momentum, it won’t be long before we can say good bye 3G, hello 4G.

For more information head to Yes ValuePack page.

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14 Comments for Yes reveals valuepacks with bulk data, free calls and SMS


this is a fantastic deal! i can use the free mins at home on my zoom. i hope maxis celcom and TM come up with something similar

Anwar Zainol

i still prefer throttling since there are no charge after reach the data amount limit. Instead of this, if i pay RM68 then already use 3.5GB, no more internet for me unless i pay again…useless


    For some people, throttling is a pain to use and they rather pay more to get their speed back.

    By the way, Maxis just reduced the throttling speed to a paltry 32kbps.…

      Anwar Zainol

      but if they offer option like P1 did, whether to buy extra data quantity for a charge or continue with the throttled speed, i think it is much much better.

      btw, 32kbps is really a pain.


        For those who just need access rather than speed, you might consider getting DiGi prepaid internet. Now they have RM100 top up that offers 100 days of validity, making it RM1 per day to stay online at 384kbps. Still 10 times faster than what Maxis is giving. 🙂…


    i already registered n been charge RM118 since 2 day ago… but my package RM68 is zero in my acc balance. WTF….. i have to like YES4G in fb juz to have a response… till lag of response… sent mail from yes id to yes webmaster still don't get the response… WTF they provide online service… i believed they already CON me… SH*T. theytold without device i can use sms or voice call but if my package RM68 is zeroin my acc.. WTF i have to do… F**K YES…


Hey, this is really awesome package with never expire data / talktime / sms, COOL!
Look like Yes4G did listen to feedback from customer and want to succes. Should be able to fight with big 3 telcos.


Great… Real Value…


The CampusPack is RM28 with 1GB which is not saving much.


    Hi Liewzy,

    Any ideas how many options available for CampusPack? Does it bundle voice and sms?


      It has 100 min calls + 400 SMS which is a great saving. If u calculate d sms & calls also in the campus pack that translates to 60% savings compared to its normal 9 sen calculation. LiewZY here only thinnks no saving cos he only consider data usage…

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