U Mobile Broadband uncapped download speeds

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U Mobile has revised its U Broadband Plans which now offers uncapped speeds up to 42Mbps for all options. Previously only the highest option of RM68/month offers uncapped speeds up to 3.6Mbps while the smaller options such as daily RM6 or monthly RM10 being capped at 384kbps download.

This is a welcome move which allows casual users to enjoy faster speeds even if they take up smaller byte sized packages for couple of days use. As announced during U Mobile’s BlackBerry launch, additional Pay As You Use (PAYU) data is charged at only 5 sen per MB.

The new speed revision also indicates that U Mobile is closer towards its HSPA+ launch that offers speeds up to 42Mbps, making it the probably the fastest wireless broadband in Malaysia. HSPA+ is the next evolution of 3G’s HSPA with providers in the US such as T-Mobile claiming 4G. In the end of the day, all that matters is the achievable speeds that consumers can get whether it is on HSPA+, LTE or WiMAX. Another burning question is how fast can U Mobile roll out its HSPA+ coverage to more places considering its FAQ only mentions Sunway and Subang Jaya for now.

Another worthy mention is that U Mobile’s affordable MiFi promotion has been extended until 30th April 2011. You can check it out at U Mobile MiFi promo page. For comparison of MiFi deals in Malaysia, do read our previous MiFi comparison post.

Head after the break for the previous U Broadband Plans with its old speed caps

Old U Mobile Broadband Plans with different download speeds


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14 Comments for U Mobile Broadband uncapped download speeds

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Where and how i can get the broadband?

Im on subang perdana

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how come in the U website is still stated as non-unlimited for the UB68
got FUP after 5GB, means slowdown after 5gb but no penalty though. http://www.u.com.my/broadband/plans


    Unless U Mobile has changed something, UB68 is unlimited in a sense where you won't get charge extra for additional usage. However they do reserve the right to throttle your speeds after exceeding 5GB.

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i pay rm 68 each month but why my modem so slow .. ?? need to wait t15 minutes to log in facebook.. better i use maxis broadband more faster thn u-mobile.. when i call the customer service it say u-mobile still have a problm in upgrading.. when the problm will be over .. ?? the service customer say this modem the best from other modem.. Dont lie a customer like tht..

Madam Tan

I bought U-Mobile UB40 for RM68 per month at the beginning of the year, the speed was really good. I then upgrade to UB128 20GB as I watched a lot of dramas online. However, trouble started during the month of August, the line dropped every few seconds..once connected, the speed really lag to the point where I was not able to watch any dramas at all. I was so frustrated with their service that I downgrade to UB40 this month. I didn't even finish my quota last month, only 11GB out of 20GB. Just now, when I check my internet speed at their website, the download speed was only 289 kbps, pathetic huh? What a joke, I used to say DIGI sucks, now I have to admit U-Mobile SUCKS too !!!


I live in Setapak area and my speed can hit 1mb during the trail period (7 days). After that it never hits 1mb. Dced a lot with pathetic speed.

May I know where do you guys live and what is your speed from uMobile?


Anymore feedback on U Mobile? Can anyone share speedtest.net image in this provider and package?

Bro M



Ehh UMobile Ni masih ade Pakage unlimited lagi x????sbb new maxis ni suck sangat!!tgk youtube quota abis slow x mcm dulu punya postpaid net laju skang mcm cikai….!


ofcourse the 1st 3months the connection are better.