P1 offers purchase of additional usage quota

Most if not all broadband plans especially wireless comes with a fixed amount of monthly usage quota. Upon reaching the limit, your speeds are throttled down to snail pace and there’s nothing much you can do until the next month’s cycle.

Now P1 has introduced an option for you to purchase additional usage quota upon reaching your limit at RM10 for 2GB. That’s RM5/GB for additional use. The good thing is that you don’t need to pay upfront and additional quota can be activated immediately on SelfCare and the extra add-on is then billed to your following month’s statement. It also comes with 30 days validity so no worries if you can’t finish it before your next billing cycle. To purchase, just log in to self care and you may buy immediately.

P1 isn’t the first to offer such add-on quota option. Celcom 3G Broadband too has something similar called Volume Purchase for power users that need more data than what they originally subscribed. As comparison, Celcom charges RM12.88 for 1GB and RM38.88 for 5GB.

For more information on P1 add-on usage quota, head to P1’s postpaid broadband page and click on the Increase your Quota section.