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Celcom flat rate on roaming & IDD promo for cross border calls


Celcom is making it easier to stay connected overseas with its flat rates on international roaming. All SMS sent from abroad are now charged at a flat rate of 98 sen. For voice calls while roaming, Celcom now charges a flat rate but varies depending on which zone. Each zone is actually based on region with Zone 1 being Singapore, Zone 2 within Asia Pacific, Zone 3 for Europe and North America, Zone 4 for Middle East and Zone 5 for other countries in the rest of the world.


With this flat rate, you should be able to budget your calls accordingly without worrying about different rates from various providers and fluctuating exchange rates.


If you make calls to Johor and Brunei, Celcom is also doing a cross border promo from as low as 25 sen/min. Of course this is only applicable for cross border such as Johor to Singapore and Sarawak to Brunei. Surprisingly there’s no promotion for Sabah to Brunei or our Northern states to Thailand. Calls are charged at 30 seconds block and is valid until 18th April 2011.

DiGi is offering something similar as well with Johor to Singapore calls being charged at 18 sen/min for fixed line or 28 sen/min for mobile numbers. For International Roaming SMS, they too charge a flat rate but at 99 sen per SMS.

For more on Celcom’s International Roaming offer, head to their promo page here.

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