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10 minutes with Nokia CEO Stephen Elop


Just recently, Engadget has been granted a 10 minute interview with Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop on its recent alliance with Microsoft. Couple of questions were raised particularly in Nokia’s segmented strategy, transition into WP7 and the future of MeeGo.

Watch the interview after the break.

Biggest question is, what is Nokia’s future after this? The deal can work but the guys at Nokia need to make it work. Obviously with this direction, things would need to change internally at Nokia. Some employees had shown some disagreement with the new direction and the management has some convincing work to do on the ground.

On Windows Phone platform, we feel that is a good one and has potential room to grow but the journey is a long one for both Microsoft and Nokia to bring it up to par with the rest of the smart phone players. Like it or not, Windows Phone 7 sales isn’t anything to shout about and they are still lagging behind iOS and Android.

So talks aside, let’s see if this partnership will bear fruits by end of this year.