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Motorola Super Bowl teaser ad tells us to break the mould

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest television sporting events in the United States and it is often a showcase of many award winning commercials for the first time. Ahead of the 46th annual edition of the Super Bowl happening this Sunday, Motorola has released a teaser for its Super Bowl commercial spot and the brand is not shy about its intentions.

The whole theme of the teaser is about breaking free from the establishment. Motorola’s contention is that 2011 looks a lot like 1984 with one authority, one design and only one way to work. This “one” is of course referring to Apple. And 1984 was chosen specifically as a stab at Apple’s 1984 Super Bowl commercial with roughly a similar theme.

Back then Apple was the anti-establishment going against IBM. Now Motorola places Apple as the establishment. We wonder if 30 years from now, the cycle will repeat itself and someone else will label Motorola as the establishment.

Both commercials are available for viewing right after the jump

There’s no doubt that the Xoom can and will give the iPad a run for its money. We’ll even go as far as saying that the Xoom has enough in it to bring the fight to the upcoming iPad 2 as well. Motorola’s first Android tablet has left that much of an impression on us. The question is, when will it come to Malaysia?