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PlayStation games get ported to Android devices with the PlayStation Suite

The big news today is the launch of the Next Generation Portable or what all of us will be referring to as the PlayStation Portable 2. Still no news on the PlayStation phone or what will most probably be called the SonyEricsson Xperia Play but there is definitely something going on with Sony and Android.

At the launch PSP2/ NGP today, Sony also announced the “Playstation Suite”, a new cross-device game platform that will bring PlayStation games to Android device.

Slated to launch by the end of this year, the PlayStation Suite will have the potential to grow the PlayStation franchise beyond the realm bespoke devices developed by Sony. With the platform, almost overnight, Sony and its PlayStation game developers will have access to millions of customers who are not necessarily looking at getting a PlayStation device but who don’t mind having fun playing PlayStation games.

This is something huge.

Via the suite (which is also accessible from the PSP2 aka. NGP), Android users will be able to buy a host of “PlayStation Certified” games. The certification ensures that the games that go on the Suite are licensed, tested and are of a certain quality before being pushed out to the store. But currently only PlayStation 1 games will be playable on Android devices.

So with Sony having shown so much interest in the Android platform, the only thing left now is to see how their vision of a portable gaming device that is also a smart phone pans out. We so want it to be awesome!

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