DiGi Prepaid CNY Promo T&C Reveals 888th Caller Contest


UPDATE: DiGi has updated the T&C. Not sure if the 888th caller contest is still on at this point. Considering they had a complete T&C, they might just announce it later.

We’re not sure if this is a deliberate easter egg or a botched up T&C but we got tipped that DiGi is doing a CNY 888th Caller Contest that’s open to all DiGi Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers. This was revealed upon clicking on the T&C link on the DiGi Prepaid CNY Promo page. The contest starts at 12AM on 3rd February until 11.59PM on 4th February.

To join, just make the 888th call of the hour to be shortlisted for the contest. DiGi will contact the respective shortlisted subscribers from 7th – 11th February to answer a simple question. There will be a maximum of 3 call attempts so make sure you answer them and not think its a prank like the iTunes lady. If the 888th caller is disqualified, the 889th caller will be the next subsitute.

So what prizes are they giving? Since it runs for 2 days, there are a total of 48 prepaid and 48 postpaid prizes to be won. For Prepaid, they will get RM888 worth of talktime while postpaid users get 8888 bonus link points. As expected the prizes will be distributed across a period of 8 months starting from March if you win.

So looks like DiGi does have something interesting up their sleeves this CNY. Thanks to the commenter “digi” for tipping us in the DiGi Prepaid CNY Promo post!