Gorilla Glass meet Dragontrail, the new tough glass on the block

When it comes to tough glass Corning’s Gorilla Glass has sort of become the household name. Everybody wants Gorilla Glass on their devices and for good reason too. It’s strong as nails, virtually resistant to scratches and it is as smooth as the smoothest thing you can think of.

That is up till now.

With Dragontrail — a rival toughened glass developed by Asahi Glass Co of Japan — Gorilla Glass will have a competitor. The Dragontrail glass’ claim to fame is much the same as that Gorilla Glass, almost unbreakable, scratch resistant and is as smooth as ever.

What’s the difference between the two? The new report doesn’t say but we bet there comparison videos pitting the dragon and the gorilla will pop up on the internet in due course. It’ll definitely be interesting to watch.

Head on over to after the jump for a news report on the launch of Dragontrail in Japan.