Mr. Hefner says Playboy magazine coming to iPad — uncensored

Word came from the horses mouth himself. The smut mogul’s magazine will be making it to the iPad not just with its great reads but also complete with its titillating images of buxom beauties bearing it all in the name of aesthetics and art.

But we all know what Steve Jobs’ stance on all this. The App Store will not feature anything porn. So what does Jobs have to say about all this? We’re not sure but it looks like something big is going down and its going to happen soon — March to be exact.

So will Apple relax its rules on porn being available on the App Store or will there be a separate App Store for adult content? Its too early to tell and in any case it makes no difference for us here as the Malaysian App Store will most definitely block such content. The Playboy iPhone app is not available in the Malaysian App Store. But when there’s a will they’re a way and we’re pretty sure many of you out there already know how to get a US App Store account.