Rate of Reaction: A not to shabby homegrown app

We’ll be the first to admit it, locally developed apps are rarely featured on our site and there’s a good reason for that. For one thing, there’s really no much to choose from and then there’s the quality thing. We’re not one to talk down on the many local developers out there but most (we’re not saying all) locally developed apps are not up to par with the many other offerings in Apple’s App Store. Well that’s until we were introduced to this — the Rate of Reaction app.

The Rate of Reaction app makes a decent peck at the casual-gaming/time-wasting app category and does what it says on the box. That is to help you kill some idle time.

There are 30 mini-games in the app with three difficulty levels, all of which attempts to put your reactions to the test. There’s more than enough mini-games in the app to keep you occupied for a while while waiting for…whatever it is that you’re waiting for.

The developer says that its a fair alternative to Angry Birds and Cut the rope, and while some may not agree with this, Rate of Reaction has quickly become one to the select default time-killer app of choice for us here at SoyaCincau.com.

The app retails for US$0.99 (about RM3.00 in today’s money), there’s a free lite version as well so you can try before you buy.

Link to the app here. Let us know what you think.