Xperia X10 successor spotted, looking decidedly meh

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Chinese tech site it168 purports the pictures you see here to be a device that will replace Sony Ericsson’s lackluster Xperia X10 flagship smart phone.

Top line specs include a dated 800MHz Qualcomm MSM7230 with an Adreno 205 GPU. There’s apparently 384MB of RAM,to go with the processing power as well. All this is crammed into the a package the size of the original X10 Mini Pro which means this new phone, whatever it will be called will be compact.

All this is of course unconfirmed but 800MHz and 384MB RAM in an upcoming phone? With dual-core powerhouses like the Motorola Atrix showing other smart phones how things are done, this unreleased Sony Ericsson is coming into the gunfight bringing a fork.

There’s another picture showing the back panel of the device after the jump if you’re interested.

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2 Comments for Xperia X10 successor spotted, looking decidedly meh

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nice blog…like it…


LOL reading this in november, it's kinda funny cause its already in stores. And YAY to 1GHz processor!