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Super mega epic Sony Xperia Play review

Here’s the thing, Sony Ericsson has yet to put out the official word on this game-phone hybrid device but one after another highly in-depth reviews of the Xperia Play (aka PlayStation phone) is coming out of the wood word, and by our reckoning, when things like this happen a launch is not too far off. Not only that, judging by where the reviews are coming from — within the general vicinity of China, Taiwan and perhaps Hong Kong soon — it looks like Asia might get first dibs on this game-centric Android phone.

The catch is that this latest review that pits the Xperia Play against all manner of portable gaming devices and Android phones (PSP Go, PSP and Game Boy Advance SP, Motorola Milestone, other Xperia phones to name a few) is in Chinese, this can be a bit of a problem for the non-Chinese reading people among us. While we attempt to translate all this information so that every can enjoy the work done by the people at, we’re not promising anything.

While you wait, the article is still readable with the help of Google’s translator. Hit up the source link to view the full review.

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