Doctors transform iPhone into a medical grade heart rate monitor

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This is probably the most important use ever devised for a smart phone. By attaching an iPhone to a specially design case, you can now transform your communication device into a medical device. The iPhoneECG case and accompanying app delivers medical-grade ECG (Electrocardiogram) readings for you to monitor the health of your heart. That app stores your heart rate record so that you can send the readings over to your doctor for evaluation as well.

The potential that this app opens up in the realm of tele-medicine and overall healthcare of the average Joe is tremendous. Not to mention being able to use your iPhone as a genuine medical-grade heart rate monitor is too cool to be true.

The iPhoneECG app works on the iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPhone 4 as well as the fourth generation iPod touch, although for now, the creators only have a working iPhone 4 casing for demo.

The creators of the technology will unveil full details of the iPhoneECG at — you’ve guessed it — CES 2011 in a few days time. Before that happens, head on over to after the jump to see how the iPhone 4 works as a medical grade heart rate monitor, it’s pretty amazing stuff.

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2 Comments for Doctors transform iPhone into a medical grade heart rate monitor


so doctor need to use iphone already?


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