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P1 4G gets hilarious Hitler meme treatment

In the meme world, when Hitler gets word of the latest happenings, hilarity often ensues. One of the latest subjects of Hitler’s wrath is local WiMAX operator P1 4G and it got us laughing.

For the uninitiated “The Hitler Meme” or “Hitler finds out” is a video meme involving the addition of new subititles to the dramatic scene of Hitler’s final meltdown from the German movie Downfall directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. The subtitles are often anachronistically altered with humerous English subtitles surrounding current events.

It appears that the source of this viral video could very well be from P1 themselves and while some might not agree with the message in the video, we think many will agree that it is rather funny.

Head on over to after the jump for the funny vid. Also included, bonus video on the origin of the Hitler meme. Enjoy!