A moving short documentary on how texting while driving is devastating

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In a proactive move to help prevent and educate the public on the dangers of texting-while-driving, American operator AT&T produced an 11 minute short documentary on the subject.

It featured people whose lives have forever changed because of texting while driving and if you ever needed a reason to stop texting while you are behind the wheel than this is it. The video emotionally moved us and it was certainly to burn in our brains that text messages can definitely wait.

The end frame of the documentary highlights a study that reveals drivers are 23 times more likely to be involved in an accident when texting and driving.

Seeing drivers texting while driving is a common sight. However a simple act of replying a short message in seconds can have devastating effects on you and your loved ones. Everybody knows how dangerous it is to close your eyes for few seconds while driving but never hesitate to reply that message which is roughly the same thing.

Now, although we can’t find any official numbers here in Malaysia of how many road accidents and death have been the direct result of texting while driving, judging by the way we Malaysians drive and the amount of time we spend on the phone while driving, we feel it is a safe assumption that the number is considerable.

People tend to ignore such warning until it is just too late. If you plan to send a message or even reply a really short one we suggest you stop driving before doing so. It is not worth to put your life at risk because of a senseless text message.

Watch this video and share with your friends and loved one the message that a life is not worth losing over a few characters and a text message especially during the upcoming New Year’s celebrations.

Please be safe everyone.


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2 Comments for A moving short documentary on how texting while driving is devastating

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