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Motorola’s upcoming tablet device skips a generation

Motorola is coming on strong with its tablet device. In an early teaser video Motorola suggested that the iPad is just a “giant iPhone” and the Galaxy Tab runs on a version of the Android OS that’s designed for phones and not for tablet devices.

Now, Motorola puts a countdown timer on its website counting down to the unveiling to the tablet at CES in just under a fortnight’s time. Along with the timer comes the bold question “Are you ready to skip a generation?” suggesting that its upcoming tablet will be something advanced.

Thing is, that question put out by Motorola begs more questions from us. You see, the natural reaction to “Are you ready to skip a generation?” would be “Yes” but which generation is Motorola revering to? Is it the current crop of tablets? Or is it the upcoming tablets like the iPad 2 and the, still in rumour-ville, new version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Looking back at the teaser video, Motorola made reference to the current generation of devices so it is assumed that the question asked is in the context of the current crop of tablets. If that is the case then the generation that Motorola is skipping is the current one. Meaning when the iPad 2 comes, the Motorola tablet is actually level with Apple’s offering.

Or are we just reading too much into this? Whatever it is, we’re keeping a close watch on this and all of the latest developments coming from CES 2011 so make sure you keep it locked on to

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