Swype re-opens for new BETA registration


Swype our favourite speed typing keyboard for android has just released another new update. This time around they re-open beta registration for first time users. Earlier on it was a time-limited beta which early adopters are able to sign up to receive Swype beta updates. New registrations were no longer accepted until now.

In this new update, they have added a host of new features such as support for English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, French and an early but unstable preview release of Chinese Pinyin. Other neat features include double-tap-to-edit, cursor restore, voice to text and support for HVGA, WVGA and WVGA854. Unfortunately QVGA displays like the HTC Wildfire is still not supported.

To sign up, head to Swype Beta page here. Note that this is not applicable for phones that comes with Swype pre-installed, like the Samsung Galaxy S.