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Stop-motion ninjas unbox the Nexus S

The best Android smart phone in the market today, the Nexus S, starts selling in the US as we post this blog. When the Nexus S will be making its way to Malaysia is anyone’s guest at the moment. So while we wait, let’s take a look at one of the most original ideas ever to make it’s way into the device unboxing genre.

These miniature stop-motion ninjas are not new, they’ve done this before, completely annihilating the box of the Nexus One when it was first launched way back when.

The unboxing video goes a step further to completely takeover your browser while you’re viewing it. It’s pretty hard to describe, it’s something you got to see to know what we’re talking about and it’s pretty cool.

The extraordinary nature of the video makes it not possible to embed and only viewable on YouTube so hit the link to check it out.