Update: UniFi isolated outage

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Update (10122010 1158hrs): TM issues a statement to say service in affected areas is restored

TM has issued an official statement with regards to the service interruption of not just its UniFi fibre broadband service but also it Streamyx broadband service as well. The interruption is affects 2,000 subscribers and it looks like the the service disruption is still unresolved.

The affected areas are as follows:
UniFi — Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, USJ, Lapangan Terbang Subang, Puchong and Bukit Kemuning
Streamyx — Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Puchong, USJ, Lapangan Terbang Subang, Shah Alam, Selat Klang Utara and Bukit Kemuning

TM says that restoration works are currently in progress but did not indicate how long this restoration work will take. Click here to see the official statement from TM.

Service disruption for TM’s UniFi and Streamyx started yesterday (December 8, 2010) since 1330hrs. If you’re keeping count, that’s over 25 hours of no Internet for the 2,000 affected subscribers. Bummer.

Are you affected by the outage? How are you coping without Internet at home?

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6 Comments for Update: UniFi isolated outage

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When will Malaysian companies learn that the more information regarding outages and maintenance work being carried out, the more people will trust them and stay with them?

By keeping information away from those WHO PAY FOR IT erodes trust and soon loses customers.

Even if they don't know when the internet will be back on, for God's sake tell customers what the problem is and let them know they are working very hard on fixing it and will reimburse those who have lost out.


Yes, affected. I am the only Unifi in my area (quite remote) and the internet is down totally.
Have use my iPhone tethering to go online.

Have phone the Unifi helpline and they mention once the service back up, I can call the technical support to get the reference number and then call the billing department to get the refund back.

WTF? Can they do it automatically? They charge almost RM10 buck per day on my internet and I still need to beg them to waive my inconvenience? I going to send MCMC an letter on this.


    TM gets rich that way. When I had to terminate my Streamyx line to move to Unifi, the same thing happened. They lost my termination form and continued to charge me for the 3 weeks it took me to realize they hadn't terminated my line. Then I submitted another termination form and was charged another 2 weeks while they took their time to cut off the line.

    All this should have been automatic, after all Streamyx and Unifi are from the same company.

Colin Wong

Stupid Unifi. Don't even bother to inform us via SMS.


10/12 8am, Unifi is still down in USJ. Accessing rather slowly via Digi 3G now (fortunately my Android phone has been hacked to work like a wifi modem-router).