iPad 2: What to expect

If its one thing we know about Apple, it is that they launch devices with the predictability of the tide. If you’ve been following Apple product launches long enough, you’ll soon be able to tell when the next replacement of a product is coming.

And the next Apple product that is due for replacement very soon is the iPad. And from previous product launches we can expect that the iPad 2 (name yet to be confirmed) will be unveiled sometime in April. And that it is safe to assume that between the end of the Christmas shopping season this December until April 2011, more and more rumours and details about this new iPad will come to light.

In the meantime, we’re sure that there are many of you out there who are itching to get an official iPad have been holding out to wait for the new version. That explains why the — very late — iPad launch in Malaysia was a non-dramatic affair. Dealers were expecting long lines but Malaysian consumers know better and many opt not to buy the “old” iPad.

So for those of you waiting for the new iPad, what are you holding out on? Well, here’s a collection of UNCONFIRMED specifications for the upcoming wonder tablet meticulously gathered from the various reliable sources on the web for your reading pleasure…

What to expect from the iPad 2 (UNCONFIRMED)

  • RRP starting at USD$499 or about RM1,569 at today’s rates
  • May feature a carbon-fiber frame will encase the internal components for lightness and strength
  • May be slimmer and lighter than theoriginal
  • Expected the iPad 2 to have Retina Display, a multi-axis gyroscope, as well as two cameras for FaceTime
  • Expect to see a USB port or two
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So far that’s all but expect more to come in the coming months. From what we can gather, don’t expect to see a revolutionary change in terms of look and feel from the current iPad, expect of an iPad enhanced in much the same way the iPhone 3GS was an enhanced version of the iPhone 3G. But whatever it is, you know you will be getting the latest right here on SoyaCincau.com, so keep it locked on.

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