Reuters report iPad 2 could be coming as early as end of February

Those who’ve just gotten an iPad will probably read this and weep. Reuters reports that Foxconn — the manufacturer of everything Apple — will start shipping the new iPad — until now only known as the iPad 2 — as early as the end of February 2011.

It is revealed that an initial shipment of 400,000 to 600,000 units are expected come February 2011.

The report, citing unnamed sources from a Taiwan-based components maker that supplies Foxconn with components, claims that Apple originally planned to start mass production in January 2011 but the plans were postponed since the device’s firmware was still being tested.

Although this is unconfirmed and is still technically classified as a rumour, the sources from which this juicy piece of information was revealed makes the February 2011 shipment of the new iPad an almost certainty, and with that you can expect to see Apple launching the device on April 2011 as speculated.

Looking at the way things have been going with the iPhone launches, we are expecting the new iPad to be launched across more markets on the same day as the device’s debut in the US. Although, we don’t think Malaysia will be on the list to receive the first wave of shipments but here’s hoping.

Some of the enhancements that’s expected to be on the iPad 2 include, dual camera with FaceTime, Retina Display and a thinner, lighter form factor. For the latest on the new iPad, keep it locked on to