Yes 4G offering an iPad bundle plan?

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Is Yes working on offering an iPad bundle plan with its Yes Huddle 4G MiFi?

The tweet from the operator’s official Twitter account seems to suggest this but details are scarce. There’s no mention of anything on Yes’ web page as well. All that is certain now is that there is no activation fee if you opt for the bundle.

The tweet also seems to suggest that you can purchase an iPad at the Yes flagship store in Lot 10. We have no confirmation on this but will try to find out more. Keep it locked on.

(Update 1531hrs 30112010:) We’ve just gotten an update that Yes is currently having an iPad promotion where if you purchase an iPad from Machines in Lot 10 you can get the RM50 Yes ID activation fee waived when you purchase a Yes Huddle outright on the same day. The 10GB free usage is also applicable in this offer. This promotion is only for new Yes subscribers. The promotion starts today and ends December 31, 2010.

For a full list of iPad compatible data plans, click on the link.

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7 Comments for Yes 4G offering an iPad bundle plan?


Maxis offer with iPad 3G: RM8/day
Yes: from RM1 a day, speeds 5x faster with 4G

No brainer. The huddle is amazing.


Who says Yes is more expensive, hehe…you compare in terms of RM only, memangla like that…


    then need to compare in terms of USD ke?


You can't use WiMax….(It's deceiving & definitely not 4G) with iPad…
YES think we are all stupid to get con by their marketing?
I will stick with any telco 3G plan… straightforward with a SIM, connect anytime…


    So are you getting the iPad?


    Would it be too inconvenient to use the Huddle with an iPad? Might be useful for those who'd like to share multiple WiFi devices while on the go, like members of a family.

    I think we should get over this "4G" debate. We all know its just a marketing term, they probably felt mapping it as 3.9G temporarily then re-market it as 4G when the 802.16m commercializes down the road is probably too much of a hassle 😉 Just enjoy WiMAX as it is, its not a bad technology and it will only improve over time. The more competition there is between GSM and WiMAX systems there are, the faster we'll reach true 4G requirements.


It's still faster than 3G…if u dont want to change just because not to "get con by their marketing", i think it' stupid la…whether Yes is 4G or not, 4G Simless will still come…unless u say their speed not better than 3G, that's another story la…