Maxis iPad data plans officially online but does not sell iPads |

Maxis iPad data plans officially online but does not sell iPads

Posted:  November 30, 2010   By:    4 comments   

Maxis has finally updated their site with their iPad data plans. It is very much the same as the one leaked earlier on with both postpaid and prepaid offerings.

Just to recap, Maxis offers 3 plans – Entry 3.5GB, Super 6.0GB and Premium 15.0GB at RM70/monthly, RM90/monthly and RM200/monthly respectively, while only Entry 3.5GB for starters is available for prepaid. There are options for extra quota purchase for postpaid from 500MB to 1GB, while prepaid users have a wider choice of top ups with different quota and validity periods.

There’s no sign however of the iPad device themselves and Maxis states that “they do not currently sell iPad devices. This is for data plans only.” For those who are using or planning to get a WiFi only version of the iPad, Maxis is also offering their Huawei MiFi device (E5832) at RM380. According to their FAQ, the MiFi device add-on offer is only available during your iPad data plan subscription and you can’t get the device after walking away from the counter. It was also mentioned that Maxis iPad data plans offer speeds up to 7.2Mbps download and up to 1.4Mbps upload.

Visit for more information and don’t forget to read the FAQ for postpaid and prepaid.

So where’s the iPad? If Maxis is not bringing them in, it might be sold at various Apple retails channels soon.


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4 Comments for Maxis iPad data plans officially online but does not sell iPads


Apple’s wonder tablet on sale in Malaysia from today 30-11-2010…


Thx a lot Apple Msia on your great effort. Now Malaysians can see how much the unauthorised local dealers ripping off those who bought iPad earlier through them. Price different as much as 25%. Now Msia can enjoy lower official price tag for iPad as the item is categorically classified as PC component, so bringing down the tax to ZERO. So much cheaper than our neighbour Singapore!


    another factor is of course the SGD is appreciating in value against our MYR.

    In fact during Thanksgiving Day,Apple US online store reduced the iPad pricing by USD41.