Yes 4G Coverage in Peninsular Malaysia

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UPDATE: Yes coverage map updated with Melaka now covered with WiMAX.

When the government gave 4 companies WiMAX licences several years back, YTL took a different approach by rolling out its coverage first before making their services available. This was a bold strategy while the rest of the 3 players – P1, AMAX and REDtone launched theirs earlier and expand their coverage gradually over time. Yesterday, YTL has launched Yes 4G, claiming 65% coverage in Peninsular Malaysia with more than 1000 sites. As comparison, P1 which commercially launched 2 years ago current stands at 800 over sites covering all states in Peninsular Malaysia except for Melaka.

Over at the Klang Valley as seen from their coverage checker, yes seems to have wide and dense coverage blanketing the major parts of Klang Valley with minimal gaps. We are not sure about the significance of the colours but some showed a more distinctive dark gray while others are covered with light gray plots. Even Putrajaya all the way to KLIA is covered as well considering YTL’s ERL is offering free WiFi supported on yes’s network. Let’s check out how the other states are doing.


In the greater areas of Selangor, we find places like Sekinchan and Rawang are covered.

Negeri Sembilan

There’s coverage in Seremban but none at Port Dickson.


Despite being covered with gray layers, searching for a Melaka address returned no coverage. At first we were excited that YTL has finally beaten P1 in covering Melaka but it seems that neither one is covering the state yet.





Kangar is shown to be covered but searching returned no coverage results.


Same story at Kota Bahru.


No Coverage at Kuala Terengganu as well


Same story here again.

We also question yes’s claims of having 1000 sites when several states with coverage plots returned no coverage. Our gut feel tells us that YTL may have 1000 sites but not all of them are in commercial service, therefore not actually having as wide coverage as P1. However yes does offer something that the other WiMAX operators don’t, such as coverage along major stretches of North-South and Karak highway.

To check for coverage, you can search your address or location at

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26 Comments for Yes 4G Coverage in Peninsular Malaysia


Guess they failed in maths…how do they get 65% coverage when they're not in some of the major towns.


They never learn from other Telcos how to make improvement for better service and quality to satisfy their user. Thats only show to people how poor Telco services available in Malaysia. Such jerk amateur.

say no 2 yes

yeah right 65%.. with 5 state no coverage?? another F#$^ing isp in the making


Yes or No?


my friend just sign up for Yes, Tested it in Desa Setapak shop showing 12Mbps speedtest. Then, tested at his home at 20th floor, PV12, beside Platinum walk, the reading is about 2 Mbps. Tested at my house taman Melawati, which officially no coverage, signal is read but speedtest shows 400 to 500 Kbps.
This is better than my P1 WIMAX 400Kbps package, supposedly covered by P1, which under P1's own speedtest shows only a lousy 230Kbps to 350 Kbps. Frankly tested!


errr.. 9 cents = 3MB, download 300MB = RM9, download one DVDrip movie = RM43??!!


one dvdrip movie = 700 mb ~ RM 20


u go buy pirated DVD only RM10. it's DVD…not stupid CD..stupid YTL.


what need to do to hook up with YES 4g? buy the usb and topup?


hahahhaaa…i guess 65 dots on the map out of 1000 dots/site!

Steven Tan

I think 65% is including the coverage in the forest for monkey to use. Not in all major town. haha.

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coverage in puchong : 10-20kb/s yuksssss……same in town area….download a 1.31GB movie takes 1 & half days

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RM 0.09/3mb = RM0.03 per MEGA BYTE (mb)

RM 0.03 x 1000 = RM 30 per GIGA BYTE (gb)

Rm 30 x 3gb = RM 90

after discount 30%

will be RM 90 – RM 23 = RM 67

Celcom RM 68 3gb and other operators uols compare yourself

i download from my house (Puchong) or office (KL), up to 800kbps, 1HD movie about 10-15 min

speed test with up to 8Mbps dl 3Mbps ul

no regreat



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rozi b salled

I want to register internet with yes

anak kepong

Where is our achievement so far in Multimedia Super Corridor ? What are our world rankings in average internet speed and price ? Who is responsible now for this national pride ? Are we going to wait till 2020 then wake up and just say 'oh, really we did achieve it bcos ….'


Telok Gong is a new emerging industrial and logistic commercial area especially in West of Klang Valley. I do not why the coverage area for yes is still very bad there? When the yes will be update the area?
Please anyone is able to answer?

Yap CK

I subscribe Yes 4G in June 2012 for 2 years contract plan, for the first month I was able to enjoy the service with yellow signal. However, when come to 2nd month, the signal became red and blinking, I complain to yescare everyday for more than 2 weeks but still not able to use the internet.
I don't understand the customer advocate Al, Meira, Nanthini and even the technician Mr Ardi only ask me to keep on waiting and thank you for your patience.
Now, I can't use the NO 4G facility yet have to pay for monthly fee RM 48, I think this is not fair as a consumer. Can anyone help me where can I lodge the complain, so that I can get an immediate response because all the customer advocate can't make any decision, only said will inform their supervisor and contact you later .


    I face the same problem as Yap CK.
    I hope this is not a BUSINESS STRATEGY of YTL.


Same problem to me as yap and aizat.
So dificult to get the customer care phone line even they not boarder to call you back ?
I am not going to pay the monthly fees Rm68 until then they will call me !!

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