Broadband in Malaysia: Cost Comparison Table

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UPDATE (110717) : Broadband Pricing Comparison in Malaysia updated for 2011! Check out the latest update here.

UPDATE (101130 2100) : Broadband Pricing Comparison in Malaysia updated with Maxis iPad Plans.

UPDATE (101120 1230) : Broadband Pricing Comparison in Malaysia now with Yes data pricing including rebates.

Recently after the appearance of yes 4G rates, everybody gets cost conscious all of a sudden about Broadband pricing. Some had quickly mentioned that yes 9 sen/3MB ain’t cheap with some pointing out that it costs RM900 for their average 30GB of download usage.

Since cost per GB is a hot topic now, we figured why don’t we compare all broadband offerings in Malaysia and find out how much they cost per GB. Below is our findings ranking from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Cost per GB

NOTE: So far we only considered plans either postpaid or prepaid that offer monthly access. Also added are the standard PAYU (Pay as you go) rates which includes yes and Tune Talk. There are different policies and terms for each plans with some only calculating download quota while others include uploads. There are also other factors to consider such as download speeds and excess charge if you exceed Fair Usage Policy. Streamyx ADSL was excluded due to the fact that they offer “unlimited access” with unspecified quota on a best effort basis.

We do admit that it is unfair to compare cost per GB across the board as there’s an obvious differentiator when it comes to application. In general, obviously fixed broadband is cheaper per GB but it compromises on mobility which often comes at a higher cost. To make it clearer, we have segregate the broadband offerings into 3 categories: Fixed Broadband, Mobile Broadband (Pure Data) and Mobile Internet (Add-on for Phone). Check out the other 3 tables in detail after the jump.

Fixed Broadband

UniFi has not implemented download quota on its usage
FTTH Broadbands such as UniFi and Maxis offers more realistic up to speeds than other providers

Mobile Broadband

Mobile Internet

Celcom blocks usage upon FUP, required to buy daily RM3.88 pass until next billing cycle
Maxis Mobile Unlimited Plan has been discontinued for new subscription

Do drop us a comment or feedback if we left out a plan or if you spot any mistakes on the table.

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85 Comments for Broadband in Malaysia: Cost Comparison Table

Farhan Jalil

trust me, U mobile Sucks!!!! hate it…. hate it so much!!!!

Hakim Ismail

please update

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Hello, you seem to forget streamyx (which sometimes works, sometimes doesn't) :…


if I am going to sign up a plan…which one is the best and worth vaue package? Unifi?

Azri R

how about time fibre broadband and time broadband? there are offering a stable service from what I have read in Lowyat forum.

here is the package for time fibre…

and this time broadband…

lowyat discussion forum here


We're in Bukit Jali (KL),
thinking about moving to Jalan Ipoh,
whilst taking along the BB we choose.

Preferably a stable provider,
about 1 or 2 Mbps,

Any suggestions?


internet d malaysia smemangna mahal sangat……..


xde org kesah psal quota la skng..pkai vpn tros clear lol..

ei leng

Definitely NO p 14g. Bad technical support, non professional staffs and coverage and speed is not as good as promised.
With the 7 days trial periodic , you are promised that u may return the devices and cancel the plan if you are not happy with the speed. But, u need to search around for service centres to return to. It's non USSR friendly and a big hassle. Not worth the time.


Some of the information here is wrong. Unifi's download speed is calculated in Megabit while P1 W1MAX is calculated in Megabytes. 5 Megabits is equivalent to 500 kilobytes where as 5 Megabytes is equivalent to 5000 kilobyte. Please re-edit this post.


Just checking and pardon me. wouldn't it give a better view to standardise the unit size to either use MB or GB before we get the cost per unit. It wouldn't be fair if Maxis 500mb is RM116 and 120GB at RM2.08. Though it reflects the price at which extend that these cost more, but it gives better consideration when converting those unit to only MB. This would be having Maxis 500MB would cost RM0.12 while Unifi 120GB or 122880MB where the charges will only apply upon usage of 5MB for RM0.01 and above. Whilst the answer to show the one that is more expensive.. but we could give better judgment when we derive to the right amount.


    Let me rephrase myself more clearly. i find it comparatively more correct to convert the unit data by either to choose MB or GB. In the case of Unifi 120GB should be converted to MB in order to have better reflection of the cost per unit if we intend to compare with Maxis 500MB. Because it would reflect that paying for 500mb seems to be astronomically expensive. Just my point