Nokia Battery Monitor App

Battery information on your device is very critical especially if you’re heading somewhere without any charging source. Knowing what’s using your battery also helps in identifying what activity is sucking the most juice. There hasn’t been a proper way of finding out apart from gauging roughly with those battery bars.

To manage your battery resource, Nokia has released an application called the Nokia Battery App. Developed together with VTT Technical Research Centre, this app will help you understand your battery usage in the most simplest terms by giving you a estimated time remainder for different uses such as Talk, Music and Web Browsing. You can even add this as a widget on the home screen too. Apart from that, there’s even a nice little statistic feature which shows you how you’ve been using your battery so far. This is pretty much similar to the battery usage found on Android devices today.

With this app, you could possibly plan ahead your next charge and learn how to conserve your device energy better. Of course like any monitoring app, its accuracy may not be 100% but at least this gives you some form of reference for your usage. It is available for Nokia Symbian^3 and S60 5th edition devices which is downloadable from the Ovi Store here.

Check out our screenshots from a Nokia N8 after the jump