U Mobile offers Huawei MiFi with U Broadband


U Mobile has finally joined the MiFi race with its Huawei MiFi device bundling at RM210/month. From the looks of it, U Mobile’s offering is more affordable than DiGi’s. To get one, you have a choice of UB40 which offers 2GB for RM40/month while power users can opt for UB68 which offers unlimited access with 5GB FUP for RM68/month.

To get one, you’ll need to pay a non-refundable activation fee of RM100, advanced payment of RM68 and RM210 for the device. That’s a total of RM378 required during sign up. We don’t understand why they call RM100 activation and RM68 upfront payment different names as both we’re mentioned in the FAQ that it will be rebated back to the customer. However on the table, only RM100 activation fee is shown rebated RM20/month over 5 months. There’s no contract for the modem but if you decide to terminate earlier you’ll lose out on the monthly rebates.

For more info on the U Mobile MiFi offer, click here. This offer is only valid until 31st December 2010.