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Early Yes ID 018 numbers face interconnect issues

Yes is having an issue which affects early registered users of the Yes ID. During its opening day for Yes ID registrations, most early birds had snapped up 018 mobile numbers from the 018-331 XXXX and 018-332 XXXX blocks.

Yes via an email to these early subscribers, informs that these range of 018 numbers may not be able to make or receive calls from numbers on other networks due to not being able to interconnect with these other networks.

Before a mobile number on one network can call and receive calls from numbers of other networks, there must be an interconnect agreement between the parties. This latest information from yes means that at launch, its subscribers who have taken 018 numbers from the 018-331 and 018-332 block, will not be able to call and receive calls from other networks.

Interconnect has always been a stumbling block for new telcos trying to enter into the mobile market as the existing ones would usually and deliberately take their own sweet time to allow interconnectivity for obvious reasons. But having said that, it is a point to note that when Tune Talk and U Mobile launched their networks, no such issues had arise.

The email Yes wasn’t specific on which network its Yes number are not able to interconnect with but considering the fact that the issue was major enough to warrant a decision to email the pre-registered subscribers who have selected these number blocks, it would be safe to assume that interconnect with most of the local mobile telcos have not been established.

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Considering the promises of better everything from Yes, this is a major set-back for the brand. The email says that this interconnect issue is temporary and full interconnect access will be solved by the first week of December 2010. But as a brand that has a whole lot to prove to gain customers’ confidence, this is a start off the wrong foot.

If you were amongst the early subscribers to pre-register with Yes and have reserved numbers within the 018-331 and 018-332 blocks you have the option to keep your earlier pre-registered number and wait for about two weeks before you can make and receive calls to other networks or opt to change your number block to 018-306 and maintain the last four digits from your previous Yes number. The choice is yours until November 15 so you have to act fast.

At time of this post, yes ID registrations are showing 018-591 XXXX range up for grabs. To register, head to

Check out the excerpt of email notice after the jump.

It is interconnect that allows us to make and receive calls to other network operators. Temporarily we are experiencing interconnect issue with these two blocks of numbers. Those number blocks are from the 018-331xxxx and 018-332xxxx series.

However we are pleased to inform you, this issue will be resolved by the first week of December 2010. Rest assured this interconnect issue would not affect the making or receiving of voice calls within the Yes network. These affected 018 numbers will be unable to make or receive calls from other network operators.

As such there are two options available;

Option 1:
We will be able to assist in either obtaining a different number whereby you will be able to make and receive calls from other network operators. If you prefer to change the number, the range of number that is available will be from 018-306xxxx whilst the last four digits will remain the same as the last four digits of your previously selected number.

Option 2:
You may retain the current number and enjoy making calls to other network operators once the interconnect issue has been resolved.

For those who wish to change numbers, do reply your mails by this coming Monday 15 November.