Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Gorilla Glass tested with air pistol

Posted:  November 10, 2010   By:    3 comments   

The Gorilla Glass is a neat protection that adds robustness for any device. The Dell Streak has it and so does the Galaxy S and the Tab.

Previously we’ve seen a Korean video torturing the Galaxy S with various sharp objects. Now there’s another test, this time for the Tab which involves a air powered weapon. To demonstrate the impact of the air pistol, the first video shows a demo on a Coke Glass which obviously breaks upon impact, following by the 2nd video which is then tested on the Tab itself.

Watch the videos after the jump. Please do not try this on your Galaxy Tab.

Tested on Coke Glass

Tested on Galaxy Tab

To go straight into the action, fast forward to 2:35.


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3 Comments for Samsung Galaxy Tab’s Gorilla Glass tested with air pistol


hmm ppl will really do crazy test and put it as video…. funny ppl …. lets wait for 2012…

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