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P1 introduces new UH Shuttle USB WiMAX Modem for Super Broadband package


P1 has added a new modem into their Super Broadband Package. The UH Shuttle modem is a new add-on option for RM30/month which they claims to be more powerful than the old WiGGY.

Looking at the design, it looks more bulky than the old one making it more cumbersome to use. For extra RM10 over the older WiGGY, we simply can’t see the benefit of paying more. P1’s coverage out of home isn’t that great and we are not convinced if this new modem would solve coverage and mobility issues that we faced previously.

As mentioned before, why can’t they offer outright purchase of the modem instead of charging customers monthly to utilise existing bandwidth? Check out the full details of the add-on package at P1’s site.

You can read up more technical info on the new modem here.