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iDECT iHome Phone: Android “smartphone” for fixed line

Most if not all smartphones today are mobile devices, leaving behind fixed line users with cordless “dumbphones”. BinaTone wants to change all that with DECT phones that runs on Android. Finally a smartphone for the home!

The device dubbed iDECT iHome iPhone Phone is an Android cordless phone with a 2.8″ resistive touch screen capable of displaying 320×240 resolution. Since its resistive, they even included a stylus that stores inside the phone. That’s not all, it has WiFi 802.11b/g, a microSD card slot, plays stereo music on the dock and even has a auto rotate orientation sensor. No mention which Android it runs on but it looks like Android 1.6 from the screen.

It goes for €99 in Europe which is about RM430. Check out the product page for the iDECT iHome Phone here.