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T-Mobile bringing flashmobs to a whole new level

Initially flashmobs were cool. Then everybody started doing it and it got lame, really lame. Locally, there were a vew flashmobs events here and there but nothing really spectacular. Maxis and DiGi organised a few flashmobs of their own as well but nothing close to the one you’ll be seeing after the jump.

There are of course some really memorable ones like the Oprah 2009 Kickoff party flashmob with an equally awesome soundtrack from the Black Eyed Peas.

If you’ve seen the video of the Oprah flashmob, you’ll know that it is pretty hard to top. Well that was before we discovered this awesome T-Mobile singing flashmob.

Already very familliar with the flashmob thing with at least unbelievable stunning flashmob commercials in the past, T-Mobile UK has taken the flashmob concept to a whole new level in it’s latest TV commercial. The setting was at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 and the flashmob boasts many pop culture talents including singers, beatboxers, dancers along with the general public serenading thousands of passengers as the arrived to London.

Just by looking at the video on YouTube we can only imagine the amount of effort and coordination it took to pull this latest advertisement off.

What made the flashmob special was the many talents that it featured. The commercial had world champion beatboxers that had recently performed with the London Philharmonic Orchestra and The Bolshoi Ballet and London’s prestigious Wigmore Hall.

Alongside the beatboxers was a ‘human orchestra’ which was made up of 20 singers who use their voices to mimic instruments including violins, cello and drums.

Passengers walking through Arrivals were greeted by a crowd of more than 500 people — a mixture of waiting public, taxi drivers, cabin crew, baggage handlers and T-Mobile staff and customers — who spontaneously burst into synchronised song and dance.

It is the first time flash mobbing has ever taken place at a UK airport and hidden cameras have been placed around the terminal by T-mobile to capture the action.

The ad follows T-Mobile’s previous two guerrilla style advertisements, which are now world renowned and were designed by the mobile network to create moments for sharing. It follows the original from January 2009 entitled ‘dance’ that showed more than 400 dancers spontaneously break into a routine at London’s Liverpool Street station and ‘sing’, filmed in May 2009, which saw pop star Pink lead more than 13,000 people in a karaoke sing-along in Trafalgar Square. Combined, these two recorded more than 28 million YouTube hits from around the Globe and have won numerous awards within the advertising industry.

Already, this latest flashmob commercial from T-Mobile has gotten over well over 1 million hits.

Head on over to after the jump to watch the commercial and see how awesome it is. We’ve also included a bonus clip featuring a news report from the Dailymotion.

T-Mobile films new flashmob advert at Heathrow
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