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Dell launches global re-branding campaign with new TV ad

UPDATE: Updated with Full length version of the Dell Streak ad.

You might know it but Dell has just started a global re-branding exercise to become the PC industry’s “most loved brand“.

And while in our minds the name Dell is synonym with no-nonsense, good value for money PCs, laptops and monitors, far be it from us to profess our love to the brand and we’re sure that many of you out there feel the same way. It’s not to say that Dell is a bad name, far from it, Dell is a strong and trusted brand but to be positioned as the “most loved brand” is going to be a tall order for Dell.

We don’t see a lot of Dell TV ads here in Malaysia, so it’s going to difficult to compare this new treatment with Dell’s previous advertising campaigns but the company claims this new series of ads represents a new approach for the brand. Where previously Dell commercials tend to highlight a product’s specifications, cost and ordering details, this new series hopes to draw customers in and forge an emotional connection with viewers by showing how its technology enables relationships. Dell hopes the new ad will convey its evolution into a more consumer-centric company.

The new ad stars the Dell Streak and highlights its various features in a somewhat real-life setting. Take a look at the new TV ad after the jump ad tell us what you think.

30 seconds Version

Extended Version

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