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Trapped Chilean Miners entertained with Samsung Galaxy Beam

The Chilean Miners survival story was an inspiring one. Being stuck underground for about 69 days has been hell for the 33 men. As their life supplies were supplied through tiny bole holes, a tiny gadget had created a difference during the ordeal. That device was the Samsung Galaxy Beam!

The Samsung Galaxy Beam is an Android device that comes with integrated pico-projector which project images up to 50 inches wide. Not bad for a make shift theater underground. According to the report, the Beam delivered to the miners contained words of encouragement from Chile’s mining minister and other form of entertainment such as movies and football matches. Keeping them entertained wasn’t a problem thanks to the Beam’s 16GB of storage with expandable microSD slot up to 32GB.

A Samsung spokesman has expressed that they are proud to play a part in this miracle rescue mission.