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Samsung Galaxy Tab videos

We went to the Maxis Samsung Galaxy Tab roadshow to take a closer look at the latest 7in Android device to hit the Malaysian market. We had only a short time to play with the device and you can read our first impressions of the Galaxy Tab here.

Along with the review we’ve also made a few videos about the Galaxy Tab to give you a better perspective on how the device performs. Again, we’d like to remind everyone that we had a very short time to play with the device so these are just initial findings of the features and functionality of the Galaxy, we probably will have more to report once we get a review unit from Samsung and we hope it’s really soon because we know many of you out there are pretty interested to know more about the device as well.

As always, we’ll try our best.

In the meantime, head on over to after the jump to check out the videos. We have four for you. One give an overall overview of the Galaxy Tab, another takes a closer look at Swype and how it works on a bigger keyboard, then we take a closer look at the camera on the Galaxy Tab and finally a scroll through the interface of the device.

Hope you like them.

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