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P1 4G Super Broadband Package

P1 now known as P1 4G has officially reveal its Super Broadband Package. This comes right after ITU announced the “real” 4G standards which doesn’t exist at the moment. So what’s so super about this new broadband package? Do you get more data? More speed? Extra coverage? All that super hero action is sadly nothing to shout out. There isn’t any MiFi revealed as teased by its CEO recently.

This super broadband package is just a mere add on supplement portable plan on top of existing P1 plans for home. You still get the same RM49/month for the home entry package and the same 5GB a month. What’s new is that you can add additional RM20 to any of your home plan to get an extra WiGGY or an account for your Wimax Inside laptop or netbook. However you don’t get additional bandwidth as it is shared with your existing home plan. So what you’re paying monthly is just rental for the modem which is not worth it if you ask us. What’s worse is those on WiMAX Inside devices are also required to pay RM20/month despite no need for a additional modem.

If P1 wanted to do a real SUPER offer, they should given more bandwidth and more speed as per claim of being stronger and faster. New products and services please! We’re seeing the same old products over and over again.

If this is all P1 has to counter YTL’s launch next month, we must say it is really pathetic. Speaking of Wider, whatever happen to their expansion plan into East Malaysia this year? It seems that they have slowed down in terms of coverage roll out lately.

More details on P1 Super Broadband Package here.