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Nokia Camera School: Making the most out of your camera phone

A camera, any camera is just as a good as the person behind the viewfinder. You could be packing over RM20k worth of DSLR kit but if you don’t know your aperture from your f-Stop then we won’t recommend you quitting your day job to pursue a career in professional photography.

But what you can do is learn the skills to make the best out of your camera phone.

Nokia is running a series of blog posts on how to make the most out of your camera phone be it the Nokia N8 or any other phone with a camera.

The Nokia camera school provides tutorials, tips and ideas to help you develop your skills and produce better results in still photography and video using your camera phone.

For the latest installment on the Nokia Camera School series click here.

But before that, head on over to after the jump to see the first video from the Nokia Camera School on how with some easy to do DIY, you can use your camera phone to take professional looking studio shots all the time.