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P1 claims its network is now stronger, wider, faster

P1 claims that its network is now “stronger, wider and faster” and the operator has developed a new advertising campaign to shout this from the proverbial rooftop.

In conjunction with new advertising campaign the WiMAX operator has also introduced a new Super Broadband package with Super Quota allowing customers to share monthly data cap across two devices. This means if you’re currently signed on to P1’s home plan with a data cap of 10GB per month, you can use that data cap with P1’s portable WiMAX dongle as well.

Effectively you have one plan with one data cap but two devices that you can use it on. Sounds interesting but this Super Broadband plan comes with an additional charge of RM20 per month with no additional data added on. That means you’re paying RM20 just for the option to use the data cap across devices, which is terrible marketing if you ask us. Who’d want to pay an additional RM20 per month just so you can use your data cap on another device.

We don’t mind a one time fee, or if P1 still insists on a monthly fee for the option, then add on another 5GB while you’re at it. Sorry P1, you can add all the super you want in front of everything but to us, this is a nonsense plan.

At the same time P1 has also announce that it doesn’t like to be called P1 W1MAX and wants to be referred to as P1 4G. P1 CEO Michael Lai was quoted saying in a press release made available to use that “WiMAX is a 4G technology and we are the leading player in the 4G broadband space. We will always provide our users with the best connectivity using the best 4G technology available but that technology may not always be WiMAX

This is shocking considering he has always been a strong supporter of WiMAX and has been known to say “we (P1) live and die with WiMAX“.

In any case, as users of the P1 service we haven’t felt any noticeable improvements in terms of network performance and stability. In fact, it has been the other way around with the occurrence of isolated outages being more frequent than ever before. Let’s not even start with the indifferent customer service attitude.

So it makes you wonder whether this “stronger, wider, faster” thing that P1 is talking about is all smoke and mirrors.

What do you think? If you’re a P1 subscriber, how has the service been of late.

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