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Sony Ericsson phases out Symbian, to offer Windows Phone 7 devices


According to a Bloomberg report, Sony Ericsson is phasing out Nokia dominated Symbian platform as they claim that the ecosystem isn’t as good as Android. Its CEO Djurberg also added that a X10 successor is expected to be announced this quarter and they would need to launch a Windows Phone 7 device soon.

Sony Ericsson did a horrible job on Symbian and did even worse on Android platform. Now they want to jump right into Windows Phone 7? We simply can’t understand what is their focus right now. When Sony Ericsson started to offer Android, we’re pretty excited as we would expected them to make feature-packed phones with no compromises. In the past, Ericsson was at the forefront of mobile technology especially at the time when Bluetooth and GPRS was introduced. We’re sure you remembered their flagship phones like the R380 symbian smartphone and the T39 which is among the first few to have Bluetooth and GPRS support.

Today, their latest Android line up is still running an older Android 1.6. Even the latest Xperia X8 was not spared while its Android rivals are churning out 2.2 Froyo devices right now. Their last flagship Symbian device, the Satio was utterly rubbish when it comes to usability. Our point is simple, if they can’t even do a proper job on Android, why bother with Windows Phone 7?