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P1 CEO teases 4G WiMAX MiFi device

P1 WiMAX’s CEO Michael Lai has given a small teaser on an upcoming 4G WiMAX MiFi device via twitter.

He doesn’t reveal much on the device but it could possibly be the same Infomark MiFi device shown earlier or GreenPacket’s own WiMAX-WiFi router. We would believe it is more likely the latter as shown below.

With YTL’s imminent launch sometime next month, P1 would need to brace themselves for a new competitor in the WiMAX space. It was earlier mentioned that YTL is coming out with its own 4G Mobile Phone and MiFi device during launch.

While P1 claims its MiFi device is superior than others, we wonder which other MiFi did they use for comparison. From our last test, P1 WiMAX does not support seamless connectivity which hampers true mobility. We’ve tried a couple of MiFi devices including 3G pocket WiFi routers and even Android WiFi tethering with no issues at all.

As usual, no mention of release and we can’t tell whether it is gonna be launched at all.