Nokia N8 photo shootout: Vs Samsung Pixon 12 and Sony HX5

It is all about the Nokia N8‘s 12MP camera again. While the subject of which camera does better is being debated, GSM Arena has conducted a blindtest to ensure a fairer comparison since there’s always a factor of biasness towards a brand. So they took a couple of shots with a Nokia N8, a Samsung Pixon12 phone and Sony HX5 Digital Camera then asked several people to pick their “best” rated picture. This is done without knowing which camera it was taken from and the photos are randomly sorted.

The Samsung Pixon12 is a cameraphone that also does 12MP while the Sony Cybershot HX5 is a proper compact digital camera.

The results from its 200 participants were rather interesting. In the end, the Nokia N8 scored the first place with the most number of votes followed by Sony HX5 in second and Samsung Pixon12 in last place. So looks like the general consensus agree that the Nokia N8 takes better pics. What do you think?

Read the article and the sample photos here.